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Voltage Optimisation

What is voltage optimisation?

Voltage Optimisation involves matching your electricity supply to the supply needed by your electrical equipment. To put it simply, you are optimising your voltage to suit your needs.

For example, the average incoming electricity supply in the UK is 242V, and can sometimes exceed 250V. Compare this to the optimum voltage required to run most modern electrical equipment which falls between 210 and 220V and it’s clear to see that there is an oversupply of electricity in the UK.

By installing a voltage optimisation unit, the incoming voltage would be reduced to around 220V, thus removing the oversupply of electricity and offering savings both to the business, and to the environment.

How could I benefit from installing a voltage optimisation unit?

A voltage optimisation unit offers one of the UK’s most effective ways of reducing energy waste and costs, offering savings of up to 18% on your annual energy bills.

Of course, the savings you could make will vary depending on the equipment you wish to optimise the supply for typical savings are in the 10-15% range, but we’ve got clients saving over 18% too.

As well as reducing your business kWh consumption, CO2 emissions and energy costs; you could also reduce the costs of maintaining your electrical equipment.


Looking back at the example given above, electrical appliances within the EU are designed to work within the voltage range of 230V 10%, so anywhere between 207V and 253V. However, they operate most efficiently at the bottom end of this range; typically somewhere between 210 – 220V. Most electrical equipment does not require more than this voltage to work as it was designed to; anything higher will only serve to reduce its lifespan, forcing your business to pay for repairs or replacements that could have been avoided.

Read our Voltage Optimisation FAQ to find out how your business could benefit from one of our units.

Types of voltage optimisation

The type of VO you require will depend on the type of supply your property is receiving (commercial or domestic, for example), amongst other things.

Commercial Voltage Optimisation

As a business, it’s likely that you’ll need to power a significant amount of electrical equipment and whether that’s on one site, or across multiple locations, it can come at quite a cost.

On average, your business could save up to 35% on your energy bills. Of course, this depends on the electrical equipment you are powering, amongst other things. Commercial voltage optimisation is aimed primarily at business spending in excess of 1,500 per month on electricity).

Domestic Voltage Optimisation

Today’s modern home is required to power a large number of electrical goods; from televisions and sound systems to cookers and fridges. As a homeowner, you’ll know that this comes at a significant expense.

One of the most cost-effective ways of cutting your overall expenses is to target your energy usage. Domestic voltage optimisation can result in a saving of between 8-15% on your annual energy bills.

If you would to learn more about how voltage optimisation could help reduce costs at your home or business then feel free to call us on 01257 239509 or e-mail us at