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UK’s largest green deal opportunity to be unveiled in Leeds area 18th April, 2013  

The Leeds City region have announced they are to partner the largest UK green deal to date which will see 12,000 homes in the area lower costs and become warmer, Green Wise Business reports.

Leeds and 10 local authorities in the area including Barnsley, Bradford and York have all agreed to be part of the Green Deal scheme which will be worth £100m over a course of 3 to 4 years. The deal will also result in around 600 new jobs over that time and in the next 25 years it will create up to 24,000 direct and supply chain jobs.

The 11 authorities will work with only one Green Deal provider and a spokesperson said: “The partnership will be with a registered provider who may partner with other organisations. We donít know exactly how the project will look as we havenít procured it yet, but we definitely see the small supply chain as important.”

Green Deal


The region includes Leeds, Bradford, York, North Yorkshire County Council, Harrogate, Barnsley, Wakefield, Calderdale, Craven, Kirklees and Selby. Outside of London the Leeds City Region partnership is the largest city region economy in the country and the aim is to ensure the majority of jobs are created locally. The area has an economy of £54bn, is home to 100,000 businesses and has a population of 3m.

Councillor Mehboob Khan who is the Leeds City Region lead for the deal claims: “Our scheme will be the largest in the country and our residents will be able to get a much better deal due to the economies of scale we are going to achieve by working collectively,”

Launched on 28th January, the Green Deal intends to lower energy bills as well as carbon emissions by making homes and commercial / industrial buildings more energy efficient and financially viable, the aim is to have 14m homes insulated by 2020.

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