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Survey reveals Brits favour solar power 23rd October, 2012  

According to a new survey conducted by YouGov, 72% of respondents believe the UK should be using more solar power, while over half (55%) think the nation should increase its use of wind power, Business Green has reported.

The levels of support recorded for solar power are consistent across all age groups, voting intentions and regions – with just 5% stating they think the UK shouldn’t use as much solar power as it currently is doing.

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Just 17% of people said they wanted to see an increase in coal or gas-fired power plants – with 43 and 36% respectively wanting to see fewer plants like these.

Over the last 12 months, support for an increase in nuclear power has risen from 35% to 40% of all respondents, while one fifth of those taking part in the survey said they wanted to see less nuclear power.

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Nick Boyle

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