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New technology integrates wind and solar power 5th June, 2013  

A new technology which combines wind and solar generation has been developed with the help of researchers from the University of Bath.

The hybrid technology could play a huge part in changing the future of renewable energy and have been developed by McCamley Middle East Ltd. The co-generation turbines will include wind turbine blades which are surrounded by an outer frame that will have solar panels positioned on top.

This new technology could play a major part in helping the urban renewable energy sector to grow as the turbines are said to have been specifically designed to be placed in built up areas. They can be mounted on buildings with little impact, as they are lightweight and contain numerous legs which help distribute the weight of the unit evenly.

wind and solar power

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The University of Bath’s Department of Mechanical Engineering have claimed the turbine will be “noise free” and will be able to function in poor weather conditions. Conventional turbines are unable to generate power when they encounter very high wind speeds and need to be shut down.

Alumni from the University of Bath and the CEO of McCamley Middle East Ltd, Dr Hadi Abulrub said: “Our resulting turbine addresses many of the concerns that the energy sector and the general public have with other renewable technologies and we believe that as a company we’re set to revolutionise the sector.”

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