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McLaren hope to climb the green energy leader board 7th June, 2013  

The Formula 1 team have partnered with technology company IO to help develop new energy efficiency data centres.

The F1 team are famous for their expert engineering which they have developed over fifty years of racing and now look to use that knowledge to make data centres more energy efficient. IO with the help of McLaren’s Applied Technologies arm will focus on improving the operation and design of future data centres.

Data centres are currently using around 2% of global electricity and this figure is expected to grow with the implementation of smart technology. The data management and modelling strategies used in Formula 1 racing can be adopted to make energy consumption predictions, which can in turn reduce over-capacity and the amount of power used.

mclaren's energy efficiency

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This new green deal is nothing new to McLaren who became the first carbon neutral F1 team and plan to play a major part in Formula E, a racing series which will use 100% electricity. McLaren’s headquarters is based in Woking and has implemented a large number of environmental and energy efficiency procedures which include; smart heating and lighting systems, recycling rainwater and a roof made from recycled motor tyres.

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