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Lighting Energy Controller

One of the main ways businesses are focusing on reducing their expenditure is by reducing the amount of energy they use. Switching all electrical equipment off when it isn’t in use is a practical way of doing this; but these savings can be minimal. If the main consumer of energy in your business is lighting rather than general electrical equipment, a Lighting Energy Controller (LEC) could help to cut your energy bills considerably.

Can lead to a direct energy saving of between 15% – 35%

Light-weight and compact design

Reduces the carbon footprint of your business

How does the Lighting Energy Controller work?

Apollo Enviro’s Lighting Energy Controller is multifunctional and allows you to manage and stabilise voltage, improve power quality and prolong the life of your lighting. These outcomes are achieved with the help of a series of transformers controlled by a microprocessor; delivering an optimised and pure sinusoidal voltage to the load and simultaneously removing harmonic distortions in the process.

How will the LEC benefit my business?

A lighting energy controller can save up to 35% on your energy bills and can help to reduce existing and re-lamping costs. With its compact size and light-weight design, the LEC can be fitted on your business premises without getting in the way and it won’t require any change to existing infrastructure.

Apollo Enviro distribute the Lighting Energy Controller on behalf of PowerSines. With our experience in utility management and energy efficiency, we can provide a complete site survey, installation and monitoring service for all LEC products.