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Iceland announces 10% energy saving 8th January, 2014  

The supermarket Iceland has announced that it has reduced its energy bill by £4.8m following the installation of a new air conditioning system.

The frozen food retailer has reduced the annual energy bill of each of its 800 stores by £6,000 following the implementation a new air conditioning system. This 10% saving is expected to give Iceland a return of investment within two years or less and as well as saving money the new system has also reduced the company’s carbon footprint.

energy bill saving

The new system will allow the retailer to manage its heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration at each building via a remote, central system. This will allow Iceland to control its energy consumption more accurately during off-peak and non-trading hours to significantly lower their energy bill.

The project manager, Graham Ireland said: “We can add in multiple time functions and know instantly, by checking the easy-to-read display, exactly what the controller is doing.”

Businesses can also significantly reduce their utility bill with a voltage optimisation unit which could lead to an 18% saving every year – If you would like read more in regards to the benefits of voltage optimisation click here.

Iceland has previously been acknowledged for the energy efficiency focus by winning the Carbon Trust award in 2010 for cutting its emissions by 15%.

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