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Google playing a major part in renewable energy growth 11th July, 2013  

Google have become one of the market leaders in renewable energy outside of financial institutions and actual energy firms after investing over $1bn in projects.

The search engine giants hope to play a major role in implementing renewable energy resources globally and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. The company have recently invested around $200m in a Texan wind farm and have purchased a company which develops flying wind turbines. Google have also delved into the solar market with a $168m project based in California as well as developing an offshore grid to support wind turbines based off the Atlantic Coast.

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Around 2GW of power generation capacity is owned by Google and the company’s subsidiary, Google Energy has government permission to sell any electricity they generate. The subsidiary was put in place to reduce the energy needed to power data centres which run the world’s biggest internet service as well as looking at ways to be more energy efficient.

The processing power needed for Google has been significantly reduced in the last few years and the majority of the electricity used comes from renewable sources. In 2011 Google used 27,000TW of electricity to power their data centres which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 243,000 households. As well as energy project investment a number of long term contracts have been signed to supply around 330MW of electricity from renewable sources worldwide which could power over 165,000 homes.

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