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Ford reduces water usage per car by 8.5% 19th June, 2013  

Global car manufacturer Ford has cut the amount of water used per car by 8.5% in the last year as the company aims to achieve a 30% reduction rate by 2015.

An investment in water saving technology is the main contributor to the reductions which includes a dry paint overspray system which uses no water during the painting process. The company also uses internal water metering to highlight where savings could be made and to gain insights on peak usage times.

Ford announced its intention to reduce its water usage per vehicle in 2011 with the aim of cutting water consumption by 30% by 2015 which equates to around 4,800 litres per vehicle.

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Fordís recent sustainability report claims the company are “on track to reach this goal, even as we grow our business, adding plants and expanding production to meet global consumer demand”. Between 2000 and 2012, Ford reduced its total global water use by 62%, or 10.6 billion gallons, by cutting the water used in everything from cooling towers to parts washing and paint operations”.

Ford are not the only automobile manufacturer aiming to lower their environmental impact as we recently reported Volvoís plans to run their UK trucks using biogas which you can read here.

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