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First Energy Efficiency Performance League Table published 8th November, 2011  

The first Performance League Table for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme has been published by the Environment Agency to demonstrate which organisations in the UK manage their energy use the most effectively.

22 organisations ranked joint first in the table and these include Manchester United FC, CenterParcs and National Museums Liverpool. A number of government departments also came out top including energy regulator Ofgem and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Although they are in charge of administrating the CRC scheme, the Environment Agency only came in at 275 along with Virgin Trains and Peel Airports (owners of Liverpool John Lennon Airport).

Although the table has revealed that 60% of businesses involved in the CRC scheme are taking steps to become more energy efficient, it shows that the other 40% arenít.† Over 800 organisations were rated 0 and placed at the bottom of the table, showing that they have made no progress in becoming more energy efficient. The list of those at the bottom of the table includes hospitals and NHS trusts, a number of councils, and large corporations such as Rolls Royce, Virgin Atlantic and ITV.

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Thomas Ridgley

Thomas Ridgley

Thomas is one of Apollo Enviro's in-house environmental consultants and has developed an extensive knowledge of the environment industry. He often writes posts for the blog. Connect with Thomas on Google+.