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East Midlands Airport strives for carbon neutrality 13th January, 2012  

ISO14001 certification has been awarded to the East Midlands Airport for the third time as the management aim to make all of the airportís ground operations carbon neutral by the end of 2012.

The airport was the first in the UK to receive ISO14001certification in 2002, a scheme which recognises businesses that are minimising their impact on the environment through an Environmental Management System (EMS).

A number of measures have been put into place by the airport on its path to carbon neutrality including planting large amounts of trees, building low carbon buildings including the UKís greenest hotel and testing emissions from vehicles.

Neil Robinson, the Director of Sustainability at the East Midlands Airport said: “Our commitment to being carbon neutral is almost now a reality and we are particularly proud of our achievements to date. We are looking forward to this year and the pleasure of announcing that we are carbon neutral.”

With efficiency becoming more and more important, businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing an EMS so contact Apollo Enviro for more information on how your company can gain the ISO14001 certification.

There are many methods of reducing carbon emissions without impairing the day to day functions of your business, including installing voltage optimisation units to reduce the total energy usage at your place of work or re-training employees to make them more aware of their actions.

The experts at Apollo Enviro will first undertake an environmental audit to highlight areas where reductions can be made then suggest a plan of action suitable for your business, so contact them today for more information.

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Thomas Ridgley

Thomas Ridgley

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