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Businesses need to engage employees to make carbon reductions 20th January, 2012  

The Carbon Trust has launched a new initiative to get employees engaged in reducing carbon emissions at their workplace.

Up to two million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be saved by making employees more aware of their part in reducing carbon emissions and encouraging them to change their behaviour, according to the Carbon Trust.

Some of the small changes that could be made include switching off lights, turning down heating systems by just 1°C and encouraging employees to turn their PC off when not in use. Changes to business practices including teleconferencing rather than travelling to meetings could also significantly reduce emissions.

Richard Rugg, Director of Carbon Trust Programmes said: “Employees are a critical ally in cutting energy waste.  Get them onboard and reap the rewards in lower bills and reduced carbon emissions.”

Here at Apollo Enviro we can help you make your business more energy efficient. As well as training employees, as the Carbon Trust recommends, through Environmental Awareness Workshopsthere are a number of other ways Apollo Enviro can help you reduce your business carbon footprint.

When you approach Apollo Enviro for help, the team will first undertake an environmental sustainability auditto highlight areas where improvements could be made, and then a comprehensive plan of action will be provided for you.

Apollo Enviro can also help your business work towards ISO14001 accreditation as well as assisting with monitoring and reporting under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, so contact the team today for more information.

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Thomas Ridgley

Thomas Ridgley

Thomas is one of Apollo Enviro's in-house environmental consultants and has developed an extensive knowledge of the environment industry. He often writes posts for the blog. Connect with Thomas on Google+.