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Wind turbines planned for Glasgow 17th April, 2014

wind turbines

A number of wind turbines are set to be built in Glasgow as officials looks to reduce the city’s annual energy bill. Glasgow City Council are planning to build nine new wind turbines across the city to help slash Glasgow’s […]

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Plans for Somerset tidal lagoon unveiled 16th April, 2014

tidal energy

A proposal for a tidal energy lagoon has been revealed which will be located in West Somerset. A tidal energy lagoon which is to be situated between Minehead and West Quantoxhead were announced yesterday at a tidal power conference which […]

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Wales opens its first Biomass AD plant 15th April, 2014

biomass AD facility

The first food waste anaerobic digestion plant has been opened in Wales as the nation looks to grow its biomass energy portfolio. The new Prosiect GwyriAD biomass plant has officially opened and has become the first anaerobic digestion plant in […]

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Plymouth golf club to install wind turbine 14th April, 2014

wind turbine

Boringdon Park Golf Club is planning on installing a 77m-tall wind turbine which will slash energy bills by 80%. The golf club’s owner, Michael Davey claims the project will help reduce the businesses’ 5-figure electricity bill by 80% with any […]

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Printing firm installs solar panels to reduce energy costs 11th April, 2014

solar installation

A printing firm in Bury St Edmunds has installed solar panels to lower its annual energy bill. Denny Bros, a specialist printing company based in Bury St Edmunds has invested in solar energy in order to reduce its electricity bills […]

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Campaign aims to encourage ‘green’ social media 10th April, 2014

twitter social media website

Greenpeace have launched a campaign to encourage social media companies to invest in renewable energy in order to power their data centres. A campaign has been put in place to encourage technology firms including Twitter to follow the likes of […]

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Green energy projects backed by government fund 10th April, 2014

green energy

A new report has outlined the benefits of a government-managed investment fund for green energy projects in the UK. An investment fund which is backed by the government has successfully boosted the green energy sector in the UK, helping both […]

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London Array wind farm generates 1.5TWh in its first winter 8th April, 2014

offshore wind farm

The 630MW London Array wind farm has produced 1.5TWh of power in its first full winter in operation. In the 6-month period between October-13 to March-14 the London Array which is made up of 175 3.6MW wind turbines generated 1.5TWh […]

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