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Air pollution crack down by Obama 17th December, 2012  

Barack Obama has ‘tightened the rules’ on harmful pollution from power plants, diesel engines and refineries, Business Green reports.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) last week announced it will limit annual average soot emissions by the end of this decade to around 12 micrograms per cubic metre of air – which is a drop from the level of 15 micrograms set back in 1997.


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The harmful particles have been linked to higher rates of heart attacks, lung diseases and strokes.

The organisation stated that by 2030, it estimates that the tighter sanctions should prevent up to 40,000 premature deaths and cut annual health care costs by $4bn-$9bn (£2.5bn to £5.5bn) per year.

The American Lung Association (ALA) said the new rules would “save lives”, while clean air campaigners also welcomed the amendments.

The EU is expected to follow suit by introducing rules to limit pollution from shipping fuels – which would help to improve the air quality across the continent.

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